Hi, I'm

Gouthaman Kumarappan.



I'm a full stack developer with a passion for creating beautiful user experiences. I am currently based in Toronto, but I'm originally from Dubai.

I have professional experience with React and Next.JS, and Node.JS / Express backends, and have helped build apps big and small, in teams and individually. Additionally, I have mobile development experience, having created and released Android and iOS apps using both native technologies and React Native.

Selected Projects

Here are some of the interesting projects I've worked on over the years.

Showcase website built for a startup focused on capturing user lists and favourite establishments. Built independently and entirely from scratch, including the UI design library, CMS setup and configuration.

Public-facing government service portal built with a microservice-oriented backend. Developed and refined 30+ critical digital government services for use by UAE nationals and residents. This was a very large scale project which involved onboarding APIs from around 40 different government entities.

These services include authentication, payment gateway integration, draft support, analytics and tight integration with various other microservices. 100,000+ daily hits.

TAMM - Workbench

In-house development tool used at TAMM. Introduced in an effort to promote consistent UX - such as spacing, error messages and handling, design library versions - across ~700 services.

Two-part implementation where the first part was a pseudo low-code environment for service developers to quickly develop custom flows and services, with custom previews and easy deployment strategies. The second part was the rendering engine to parse and display the Workbench-ready deployed services.

Visit Saudi - Map
TypeScriptNext.JSReduxStrapiGoogle Maps SDKGoogle Places API
Tourist informational website built for the Saudi Tourism Authority. Interactive map which displays recommended cultural events across the country, with photos, links and navigation support. Highly dynamic and configurable via the CMS. 10,000+ daily hits.
A sorting visualiser I built for fun to contrast the differences between a few popular sorting algorithms. While the algorithms themselves are straightforward, the draw was to animate each individual step and highlight the correct indices over multiple levels of recursion.